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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for the University?

Information on the procedure process is published here

When will I get my invitation letter?

Invitation letter is issued within 20-30-days after an advanced payment for the first study semester. ​

When are the entrance exams?

Entrance exams take place in July, August, October and November. Exact dates are published during admission campaign. At present time, admission is over. 



I`ve lost my passport/ID card/Student card/credit book etc.

In case you lost any of your documents, you should immediately apply to the Visa and Registration Department (room 105, building 3). The specialists will guide you on your further actions. 

Where do I get a document confirming that I`m the student of the University?

Documents stating the fact of obtaining education in the University are issued by dean`s offices of your faculty.



What is the deadline for paying tuition fees and accomodation in the dormitory? Where do I bring the paying slip? 

Payment is proceeded within the time limits established by the contract or an additional agreement. Payment for the accomodation in the dormitory is proceeded every month. The student must provide a receipt for payment to the dean's office of their faculty.

I got sick. What do I do now?

You should inform the Department of Foreign Affairs on the symptoms of your state. The specialist will arrange an appointment in the hospital or guide you on how to refer for medical assistance in emergency cases. 

Contacts: +7(8332)67-14-65

I want to travel to another Russian city/visit my home country. Should I inform the University about it?

If you want to go to another city outside the territory of Kirov Region ot travel abroad, you should notify the Department of Visa and Registration (room 105, building 3) 5 DAYS before your departure. To do this, you must write an application and get the dean`s approval. Bear in mind that before departure, you must complete all the payments for tuition and dormitory as well as have medical insurance. 



How do I get an academic leave?

Academic leave is granted due to the inability to master the educational program for medical reasons, family and other circumstances for a period of time not exceeding two years.
The ground for granting academic leave to a student is a personal application of the student, as well as the conclusion of the medical commission of a medical organisation (for granting academic leave for medical reasons), documents confirming the grounds for granting academic leave (if any).



Who has the right to get a place in the dormitory?

The University guarantees that all foreign students are provided with places in the students` dormitories under the condition that they provide the Visa and Registration department with results of PCR test and demonstrate the ability to monthly pay for the accomodation. 








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