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Students` Council of Kirov State Medical University

     The Student Council is a form of student self-government and was created as a permanent representative body of students of Kirov State Medical University.


      Goals and objectives of the Student Council:

*formation of civic culture and active life position of students, promotion of their social responsibility, independence, ability to self-organization and self-development, self-management skills;

*ensuring the realization of the rights of students to participate in the management of the university.

*assistance to the Administration of the Kirov State Medical University;

*implementation of socially significant initiatives of students;

*development of scientific, creative, organizational potentials of students

*involvement of students in solving issues related to the training of highly qualified medical specialists

*development of proposals to improve the quality of the educational process, taking into account the personal, professional and scientific interests of students

*strengthening and development of interuniversity, interregional and international relations.


Head of the Students` Council – Tatyana Novoselova (https://vk.com/nvslv_tt)


Students` Council of the Faculty of Foreign Students




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