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History of Kirov SMU


     History of Kirov State Medical University started on 2nd of August in 1987 when a branch of Perm State Medical University was opened in Kirov. The first rector V. A. Zhuravlev (director of Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion) and the vice-rector S. L. Sharigin prepared the institution for the first academic year in 3 months. They formed new academic departments in General Anatomy, Biology with the course in Histology, Bioinorganic and Biophysical Chemistry with the course in Biochemistry, Children Diseases, Surgical Pathology, Internal Diseases, Obsterics and Gynecology.

     Teaching staff was provided with housing, which made it possible to attract more highly qualified lecturers for the first medical university in Vyatka within a short period of time. Later, a library, a vivarium, dean`s offices, teaching staff were formed. Due to joint efforts, Kirov branch of Perm State Medical University was opened on 1st of September, 1987, for students for the first time. At that time, there were 2 faculties: General Medicine and Pediatrics.

     In June, 1993, the first batch of students graduated, and after a year, the government of the Russian Federation adopted a regulation on foundation of Kirov State Medical Institute.

     In 1998, the 8th batch of students graduated and after the recommendation of State Attestation Commission, Kirov State Medical Institute was assigned a prestigious status of the Academy.

     Throughout years, new faculties and departments were formed. 3 dormitories and a new 8-storey building with spacious lecture halls, rooms and modern laboratories were constructed, the museum of the history of the Academy and the Museum of Anatomy were opened. The Academy actively cooperated with hospitals and other healthcare institutions, developed scientific and research activity and in 2011, the Academy received a termless license for educational activity.

     In 2016, according to the results of monitoring the quality of educational activities of educational institutions conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Social Navigator project, the Academy entered the Top 10 of the country, taking a place on the first lines of the rating. Thus, high achievements of the Academy, its recognition and authority were reflected by order of the Minister of Healthcare: Kirov State Medical Academy was given the status of the University.



     Kirov SMU constantly broadens its geographical borders. In 1995, first foreign students were enrolled to obtain medical education. In 2018, Faculty of Foreign Students was established and by now, more than 500 students from 39 countries are studying here.

     The University cooperates with many regional and municipal medical institutions in Kirov. There is our own clinic, which includes therapeutic and neurological station with 100 beds and a diagnostic center. The clinic and the polyclinic are supplied with modern equipment. Patients’ rooms, laboratories and procedure rooms are renovated according to modern standards.



     Obtaining education in Kirov State Medical University is becoming more and more prestigious. Its graduates, who have become brilliant doctors and well-known scientists, are appreciated and respected in the region and beyond. “Arte et humanitate, labore at scientia” is not only the motto of Kirov State Medical University, but also the commandment of all who devote their lives to medicine and the most humane profession on Earth – the profession of a doctor.

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