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Why Kirov SMU?



Affordable tuition fee, accomodation and living expences 

Total amount of essential expences for tuition and accomodation in the dormitory is approximately 3200 USD per year. 


Respect for traditions and strive for development 

Found in 1987, Kirov SMU carefully keeps following the academic traditions and conducts a full-scale campaihn of digitalisation of the education. 


Qualitative eductional material and modern equipment 

We provide the educational process with all kinds of teaching materials thorougly designed by the teaching staff of the University. 


Highly-qualified teaching staff and supportive administration 

Academic staff is highly skilled in their fields. There are 19 professors, 112 associate professors, 194 candidates of Sciences and 41 doctors of Sciences out of the total number of the academic staff who are constantly improving their English skills. For General Medicine programme taught in English, all study materials are translated into English and thouroughly checked by teachers. 


Warm atmosphere of support and assistance

Academic and administrative staff are always ready to help students and support them in troubling periods. 


Great significance of practical training and getting real professional experience 

Plenty of practical classes and practical training which start in the 1st year of the educational program. First-year students get acquainted with the system of healthcare in Russia and features of medical organisations. In summer, they will be first admitted to hospitals to get their first experience as the assistant of the junior medical staff. Second-year students 

Since 4th year of education, students start studying at clinical bases in the hospitals of Kirov. All the disciplines are divided into cycles and are help 


Active campus life 

The University provides a wide range of pastime activities including sports and dance groups, Russian and English speaking clubs. There are annual festivals of students` talents, concerts celebrating the variety of cultures and meetings. 









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