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Legalisation and Recognition


     According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, documents issued in other countries can be accepted only with legalisation. 

     There are two types of legalisation: 

1. Consular legalisation, which is issued by authorities of foreign affairs of the country of issue and then by consular services in the Russian Federation

2. Apostile, which is issued by authorities of the country of issue. 

Documents issued by countries, with which Russia has concluded multilateral or bilateral agreements, are not subject to legalisation. Full lists of these countries is published here



     If foreign citizens, who obtained their previous education outside Russia, want to study in Kirov State Medical University, they must get their educational papers recognised and equalised to educational programs obtained in the Russian Federation. The decision on recognition is taken by National Accreditation Centre

   For further information on how to get your education recognised, follow https://nic.gov.ru/en/proc/nic. 





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