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Migration Rules

*All foreign students must know the migration rules during their time in the Russian Federation*



      1. When you arrive at Kirov, you must get registered in the Office for Visa and Registration Support. 

      Make sure that you have the following documents: 

         * passport 

         * negative result of covid test 

         * 3*4 sized photo 

      2. After you get registered in the Office for Visa and Registration Support, inform the Dean`s Office of your Faculty on your arrival. Provide the document manager of the dean`s office with the following documents: 

         * passport

         * certificate of education from the previous stage of education with its notarised translation into Russian. 

         * official recognition (or consular legalisation) of your education certificate

      In the dean`s office, you will sign your contract for the provision of paid educational services and get the primary information on your educational process.  Mind that procedure of the medical examination must be completed annually. 


Now that you`ve registered in the University and the dormitory, you should do the medical examination and fingerprints` procedure to apply for a 1-year visa. 



      Go to the hospital (Karl Marx Str 47) and apply the following documents: 

         * passport with its notarised translation inro Russian 

         * migration registration 

      Try to finish the medical examination in one day. Results of the medical examination are ready within 7-10 working days. You should collect the results of medical examination and bring them to the Office of  Visa and Registration Support. 



      Now that you`ve completed the medical examination, you must get an appointment at the migration department of police. Office for Visa and Registration Support will notify you on the time of your appointment. 


      After one year in Russia, you will have to get your visa extended. Consider that your documents are YOUR responsibility. You must apply documents for visa extension 1.5 months before its official expiration date.


      Provide Office for Visa and Registration Support with the following documents: 

         * copies of all the pages in the passport with all seals, stamps and visas (2 sets of copies)

         * 1 copy of registration 

         * 1 copy of "green" card 

         * 2 copies of migration card 

         * 3*4 sized photo 

         * receipt of paying the state fee 


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