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Administration of the University

Lev Mikhaylovich Zheleznov

Rector of Kirov State Medical University
Honoured Worker of the Higher School of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

телефон: (8332) 64-09-76

e-mail: rector@kirovgma.ru

Касаткин Евгений Николаевич

Evgeniy Nikolaevich Kasatkin

Vice-rector for Academic Work, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor 

телефон: (8332) 38-53-66

e-mail: ucheb@kirovgma.ru


      Main fields of work

  • management of the educational process
  • management of methodological work
  • management of the educational process preparation
  • quality management of the educational process
  • organisation of advanced training of scientific and pedagogical personnel
  • management of licensing, certification and accreditation, etc.


Education: higher medical education in General Medicine, advanced training in Surgery


Maksim Petrovich Razin

Vice-rector for scientific, innovative work and connections with practical healthcare, doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor  

телефон: (8332) 32-24-49

e-mail: nauka@kirovgma.ru


      Main fields of work

  • planning and organisation of scientific research
  • management of innovative and medical activities
  • management of preparation for scientific activities, etc.
  • organization of scientific publications of the university, etc.

Oleg Vladimirovich Steshakov

Vice-rector for facilities and premises of the University

телефон: (8332) 64-38-75

e-mail: ahr@kirovgma.ru


     Main fields of work

  • management of material and technical supply
  • management of labour protection and safety
  • management of major construction, repair and construction works
  • management of transport
  • management of service facilities, etc.

Elena Petrovna Elsukova

Vice-rector for educational and social work

телефон: (8332) 37-02-62

e-mail: pvr@kirovgma.ru


     Main fields of work

  • coordination of interaction of structural divisions of the university in the field of educational and social work
  • regulatory support, planning and management of educational and social work in professional, patriotic, cultural, moral and other areas
  • support and provision of interaction with student self-government bodies
  • preparation of proposals to the scholarship commission on financial support of students

Aleksey Nikolaevich Mokrushin

Vice-rector for digital development

телефон: (8332) 37-50-70

e-mail: man@kirovgma.ru


     Main fields of work

  • planning of measures for the digital transformation of the main processes of the university's activities
  • management of technical support of distance educational technologies
  • management of information and technical support and development of the digital and IT infrastructure of the university

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