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Admission Procedure


Eligibility Criteria: 

  • The applicant is more than 18 years old
  • Successful completion of higher school and the presence of a higher school cerificate 
  • Presence of results for exams in Chemistry, Biology and English 


Admission starts on June 20th, 2024.

Deadline for Applications: 01.08.2024


Follow these steps to apply to Kirov SMU:  

1. Prepare the package of documents: 

  •        Passport and its notarised translation into Russian 
  •        Higher school certificate and its notarised translation into Russian
  •        Results of NEET (for applicants from India)

Nota bene! All translations should be notarized by the notary buro in Russia or by the Russian consulate in your home country.

Before arriving in Russia, it`s also essential to provide your education certificate with official legalisation (in the Russian embassy in your country) or an apostile stamp in accordance with the procedure established in your country. 

If your country did not conclude the contract of mutual recognition of education documents with the Russian Federation, you must also provide a Certificate of Recognition.

For further information, follow https://nic.gov.ru/en or write to admission@kirovgma.ru 

2. Send the documents to admission@kirovgma.ru 

3. Get your documents checked and receive a letter of acceptance

4. Pass entrance exams in Chemistry and Biology and wait for the results

5. Conclude a contract with the University and pay the tuition fee. 

6. Receive Official Invitation from the University (Invitation for study visa will be issued and send to by email in PDF. Issuing time: 20-30 days)

7. Apply for a student visa in the Russian embassy in your country. 

8. Buy a flight ticket to Russia.

Send a pdf of the ticket to visa@kirovgma.ru 5 days before your arrival in Russia. 

9. Pass a PCR test on otder to get admitted to the students` dormitory

9. Arrive at Kirov State Medical University and start your studies! 


Additional documents which you should prepare before arriving in Russia

     During studies, you will be doing practical training in hospitals of Kirov. In order to be admitted into medical organisations, students must have Medical Certificate and Vaccination Records/Immunisation Records with notarised translation into Russian. Vaccination Certificate must contain information about the following vaccines: 

  • measles
  • rubella 
  • diptheria 
  • poliomyelitis
  • tetanus
  • hepatitis B

      Note that all the vaccinations should be done in accordance with WHO recommendations for routine immunisation (https://www.who.int/immunization/policy/immunization_tables/en/)

     In case students don’t have this document they will have to do all the necessary vaccinations in Russia, otherwise, students won’t be allowed to do practice in the hospital.


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