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Scientific Society of Young Scientists and Students

Kirov, Karl Marx Str., 112, building 3, room 400
8 (8332) 67-31-83

     Development of the student scientific direction is inextricably connected with the main milestones of the formation of Kirov State Medical University.

     Since the founding of the branch of the Perm Medical Institute in Kirov and until 2003, doctor Anatoly Pavlovich Spitsin was appointed responsible for the organisation and management of the Student Scientific Society (SSS). One of the great achievements of that time, the importance of which for the scientific activity of the university remains to this day, was the organization of a student scientific conference. The first student scientific conference was held in April 1988, it was attended by 1st and 2nd year students. As clinical departments were formed, new student circles were included in the work of the SSS. Since 1996, the conference has acquired All-Russian significance. A.V. Yagovkin was elected Chairman of the Council of the Kirov Medical Institute's SSS. Since that period, the number of participants in the student scientific conference organised by Kirov State Medical University has been constantly increasing, including by attracting foreign students.

     In 2006, the SSS of the Academy was transformed into a NOMUS.

     Active participation of the administration of Kirov State Medical University in the development of the scientific society of young scientists and students is rightfully appreciated at the national and international level. The results of NOMUS activities are of great importance for the research activities of the university. To date, students' research activities are carried out at all theoretical and clinical departments of the University. The research conducted by students and young scientists greatly contributes to the further development of the scientific schools formed in Kirov State Medical University.

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