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Practical Training

     Since the first year of education in Kirov SMU, students must do the practical training in hospitals to gain professional experience in the medical sphere. 

     Initially, students get acquainted with the healthcare system of Russia and the way hospitals work here. In the next practical trainings, students obtain new practical skills at different positions of the medical staff. During practical training, students fill out journals in which they describe all the manipulations they perform, write reports, conduct educational work with patients in the hospitals. 


     Department of Practical Training and Employment of Graduates is responsible for the practical traininf of students and performs the following functions:
● cooperates with enterprises and organisations on the issues of employment of graduates and internships of students of Kirov State Medical University
● informs students about practical trainings
● organises meetings of students with employers
● informs students about profile vacancies


     Staff of the department:

Elena Aleksandrovna Serkina – head of Academic and Practical Training 

(e-mail: umo3@kirovgma.ruhttps://vk.com/id413484083)

Maria Mikhaylovna Kulikova - specialist (e-mail: smk@kirovgma.ru)

Marianna Aleksandrovna Boykova - specialist if the work with students (e-mail: cstv@kirovgma.ru)



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