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Kirov State Medical University takes high positions in the ranking of universitie


      The admission campaign to universities is about to begin, which means that applicants will face a difficult choice of an educational institution. To facilitate this process, the Guild of Experts in the field of vocational education, together with the National Foundation for Support of Innovations in Education, have published a rating that will help future students decide on a university.

      As part of the rating, the Disciplinary National Aggregated Rating is conducted, which evaluates the achievements of universities in individual scientific areas or areas of vocational education. All higher educational institutions are divided into 5 leagues. Kirov State Medical University entered the 2nd league among the 400 leading universities in Russia in two extended groups of specialties and training areas - "Fundamental Medicine" and "Clinical Medicine".

      The high positions of the university in the ranking are the result of the fruitful work of teachers and staff. The staff of Kirov State Medical University will continue to make every effort to develop the university and reach new heights!





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