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Uniting with Nature in May Holidays


      Students of Kirov State Medical University made a three-day training trip. The trip to Lake Podgornoye was organised by assistant of the Department of Microbiology and Virology Aleksey Yurlov with the support of employees of the tourist club of Vyatka State University "Burevestnik" D. Mashanov and E. Kulikov.



      The participants of the campaign were Ali Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed, Taha Ahmed Hassan Mesallam, Sediq Hossam Nasser Ali and Ekaterina Maksimova. Before the start of the trip, students were instructed on the rules of behaviour in the wild and on the water, the rules for managing baidarka were demonstrated.



      Even the cold weather and rain did not prevent the students from trying their hand at a new hobby and getting to know the nature of the Vyatka region better. As part of the hike, the students learned how to set up tents, manage baidarkas and supboards, saw with a two-handed saw and harvest firewood. They also learned about the flora and fauna of the lake ecosystem. Between various activities, the students enjoyed self-cooked food and fragrant tea made from fresh blackcurrant leaves.  



      Assistant of the Department of Microbiology and Virology Aleksey Yurlov noted that the students showed high moral and volitional qualities, mutual assistance, diligence and coped well with all the difficulties of camping life.


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