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International Students` Debates


      On 19th of May, international student debate was held in the conference hall of Herzen Library. The event was attended by students of the Faculty of Foreign Students of Kirov State Medical University. On this day, 6 teams of members from Algeria, Bangladesh, India, Tunisia and Pakistan gathered in the hall to discuss important social issues and demonstrate their skills in the art of expressing their opinions.The topics of touched upon the issues of keeping animals in circuses, education and health.



      For many participants, the debate was not only an opportunity to defend their point of view, but also a great way to find new arguments in support of it. For some participants, it was a real challenge, because according to the draw, they got points of view with which they could disagree. 



      Taking part in such events carries valuable lessons in public speaking and helps to overcome the fear of public speaking. In addition, students noted that debates contribute to the disclosure of new sides of their personality, allow them to realise the importance and weight of their own opinion.





      The judges of the competition were Jeanette Nikolaevna Ovsyannikova, Head of the Department for Coordination of International Activities of Kirov State Medical University, Ekaterina Alekseevna Khodyreva, translator of the Department for Coordination of International Activities of Kirov State Medical University, Anna Mikhaylovna Zhukova, librarian of the Department of Foreign Literature of Herzen Library. 


      Following exciting discussions, the judging team announced the winners in the team competition and noted the best speaker of the competition. The winners were the team "The Martian", whose members are Islam MD Ariful and Shaon Mainul Islam. Faruk Muhammad was recognised as the best speaker. 



      The organiser and moderator of the event Ekaterina Khodyreva expresses her gratitude to all participants for their active participation and enthusiasm, and also expresses special gratitude to Herzen Library and its Department of Literature in Foreign languages for fruitful cooperation. We hope for new joint events!


See you at the next debate!


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