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Obtaining more skills for admission campaign of 2024


      From 22nd to 27th of April, the head of the Office for the Coordination of International Affairs, Jeanette Ovsyannikova, and the translator of the Office, Ekaterina Khodyreva, underwent offline advanced professional training at the seminar "Current trends in the development of international activities and practical foundations for the assessment, examination and recognition of foreign educational documents during the admission campaign of 2024" in the city of Saint Petersburg.

      The goal is to carry out the admission campaign efficiently and effectively in the summer of 2024. Employees from international offices of 13 Russian universities arrived to obtain new skills and share their experiences. 
      During the practical classes, the principles of evaluation and examination of foreign educational documents, features of educational systems in other countries, the process of legalisation and recognition of foreign educational documents, essential signs of authenticity of documents and ways of their detection, and much more were considered. 

      Applicants with a foreign diploma must undergo the procedure for recognising their education in Russia. The examination is part of this procedure and helps to assess the compliance of a foreign diploma with Russian standards.

      Expertise in the field of recognition of foreign educational documents is necessary for the following reasons:
1. Confirm the authenticity and legality of foreign educational documents.
2. To assess the compliance of foreign education with Russian standards.
3. To protect the rights of foreign citizens with education obtained abroad.
4. Expertise may be necessary to obtain a work permit in Russia and in a foreign country.


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