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Students of KSMU at the athletics competitions

     Students of Kirov SMU represented the university at Regional Sports Competitions


     On the 25th of November, athletics competitions were held in the Veresniki Sports Complex as part of the Kirov Region Sports Competitions among higher educational institutions. Athletes had to run several distances: 60 m, 400 m, 1500 m and a relay race.

     The races were quite difficult, there was a huge number of participants but it did not prevent the athletes of our university from successfully performing at each of the stages.

     Students of the Faculty of Foreign Students, Dou Ayat Allah and Atwa Mostafa Ayman Ramadan took part in the competitions as a part of the university`s team. We are happy to congratulate Dou Ayat Allah who came 3rd at a distance pf 400 m!

     We look forward to seeing our athletes at swimming and darts competitions! 



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