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Faculty of Foreign Students

Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Foreign Students
610027, Kirov, Karl Marx Str., 112, room 117 (dean), room 116 (dean`s office)
+7 (8332) 37-02-82 (dean) , +7 (8332) 37-48-68 (dean`s office)
Dean’s Office of the Faculty: 

Irina Gennadyevna Suetina

dean of the Faculty of Foreign Students, Associate Professor
candidate of Medical Sciences

  • Elena Gennadyevna Sushkanova

    Associate Professor of the Department of Anatomy, vice-dean of the Faculty of Foreign Students
    academic status: 
    Associate Professor
    candidate of Biological Sciences


    Education: Vyatka State University, Faculty of Natural Geography (1989); postgraduate studies at Vyatka State University (1996). Candidate of Biological Sciences (1997), Associate Professor (1999).

    Research interests: physiology of educational activities, the physiology of the reproductive process, and the physiology of nutrition

    The author of more than 120 scientific and educational works

    Member of the Dissertation Council at Kirov SMU (2001 - 2007), member of the Physiological Society of Kirov, head of the discipline commission on biology during the Unified State Exam

    E.G. Shushkanova was awarded honorary diplomas of the Vyatka State University (2004) and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (2005), has the title of "Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation" (2015).

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