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KSMU Celebrates Spring


      Kirov State Medical University bloomed with spring spirit as students gathered for a joyful celebration of the spring beginning 

      On 12th of April, students of Kirov Statte Medical University took part in the festive event devoted to spring in Vyatka State University. Russian and foreign students of the whole city joined the celebration and enjoyed the bright performances.

      The event, a vibrant tapestry of cultural performances, welcomed all students to join the festivities. Participants from Tajikistan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Ghana and other shared their unique culture and demonstrated their talents.

      We are proud of our students from Bangladesh and Egypt who gracefully represented our university. Elkot Maged heartened the audience with his melodious singing. Arian Mahmoud delighted everyone with a lyrical song about how beautiful the feeling of love is and how strong a longing can be for your beloved. The spring festival was sparked by the captivating and energetic performance of Das Emon, Hasnat MD Arif and Hossen Tanvir from Bangladesh.

      At the end of the event, the participants were treated with the national dishes.

     The celebration served as a perfect reminder that spring is a time for renewal, cultural exchange and shared joy.



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