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Meeting of international students with law enforcement officers

       Meetings of foreign students with law enforcement officers are held on an ongoing basis at Kirov State Medical University. At the next event, held on March 6, police officers D.G. Shulakov and A.O. Belorybkin addressed the student audience


      Policemen spoke about the importance of observing fire and anti-terrorist security, urged students to be careful and keep an eye on personal belongings, and also recalled the procedure for detecting a suspicious object in academic buildings and dormitories.

      Separately, law enforcement officers focused on the topic of remote types of fraud and explained how not to fall for the tricks of intruders. At the moment, one of the most common deception schemes is a call from a fraudster who introduces himself as an employee of a bank or law enforcement agencies and tries in various ways to convince a person to transfer funds, provide personal data, account and card information. 

       The head of the Department of International Relations, E.V. Sharapova, also addressed the international students. She discussed visa and educational issues with the students, stressing that the main purpose of foreign students' stay in the Russian Federation is study, which needs to be given a lot of time. Elena Vladimirovna reminded foreign students of the importance of passing periodic medical examinations, having medical insurance and keeping all their documents in proper form.


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