History of international cooperation

International cooperation of Kirov SMU originated in 1993, when the program of long-term cooperation with the Hanover Higher Medical School (Germany) first started. The initiator and inspirer of the program was former Head of the Department of Foreign Languages of Kirov SMA, Associate Professor V.A. Golovin. Through his direct participation, more than 110 teachers and students of Kirov SMA trained at the Hanover Medical School, and ,in exchange,

more than 60 students and residents of Hanover Higher Medical School visited Kirov State Medical Academy and its clinical base.

Later, Kirov SMA signed several bilateral international agreements with Southeast Alabama Medical Center (United States), Southeast Neurodiagnostic Center of Alabama (USA), the Residency in Family Medicine of Oklahoma (USA), Research Institute of Toxicology and Fraunhofer’s experimental Research Institute in Toxicology and experimental medicine (Germany). Cooperation with leading experts and global-level scientists in medical sphere has given great results and led to improvement of educational programs in accordance with international standards, establishment of teaching materials based on international experience.

In 1995, Kirov SMA began teaching students from foreign countries.

The Department of International Affairs was established after university reorganization in September of 2011. Kirov SMU organized visits of foreign delegations, distinguished scholars and scientists from around the world. As a result of different collaborations and activities, more students and academic-research staff started to have interest in international cooperation. Up to the present day, international cooperation remains one of the major focus areas for the Department and the University. Every year Kirov SMU expands the boundaries of international activity.