Department of International Affairs

610027, K. Marx st., 112, room 105

Tel.: 007(8332) 37-49-55



Head of the International Affairs Department - Elena Vladimirovna Sharapova


International Affairs Department Staff:

Deputy Head of the Department of International Affairs – Ksenia Nikolaevna Zhguleva

Leading specialist – Dmitry Alekseevich Suntsov

Specialist – Olesya Evgenyevna Kovrizhnykh


Main focus areas of the Department of International Affairs:

  • Increasing the University rating in higher education system of the Russian Federation and its further integration into international system of education and cooperation of medical universities, faculties and medical centers;
  • Participation in long-term bilateral international programs;
  • Organization of international conferences and seminars;
  • Abroad internships of academic staff and students;
  • Diagnostic and treatment conciliums;
  • Scientific research;
  • Executing invitations, visas and registrations for foreign students;
  • Control over foreign students arrival and stay in Kirov during their study;
  • Control over implementation migration rules;
  • Dealing with migration service, insurance companies, medical institutions, etc.
  • Intercultural communication.

International activity

History of international cooperation