Faculty of Social work and Economics

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E-mail: cef@kirovgma.ru


Faculty information

The faculty of Social economics was founded in October, 2013 by fusion of several faculties: social work, merchandizing and goods inspection and higher nursing education to optimize educational process management and quality of education.

The faculty of social work was founded in Kirov SMA in 1996. The first dean of the faculty of social work was Aleksandr Viktorovich Plotnikov.

From September, 2009 the faculty was directed by PhD, Assistant professor, Natalia Sergeyevna Semeno, the head of the department of social work.

The faculty of goods inspection and merchandizing was created on February 26, 2001 by the decision of the Scientific council and by the order of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation March 2, 2000 №686.

The first Dean of the faculty was PhD, Associate professor Nikolai Ivanovich Odintsov. From November, 2006 – PhD, MD, Associate professor Evgenii Nikolaevich Kasatkin. From April, 2009 – PhD, Associate professor Ludmila Nikolaena Zonova.

The faculty of Higher nursery education was founded in 2001. The first Dean of the faculty was PhD, MD, Associate professor, head of outpatient pediatrics course with recreation therapy course of the department of childhood diseases Elena Mikhailovna Reztsova.

From 2006 the faculty was headed by PhD, MD, Professor Marina Vladimirovna Zlokazova.

And from 2007 to 2009 – PhD, MD, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Yanchenko.

From 2009 – the head of the department of nursing care, PhD, MD, Elena Alekseyevna Mukhacheva.


Faculty of Social Work and Economics today

Today the faculty of social economics is a well-structured system, combining academic, research and professional activities. All the necessary conditions for educating qualified specialists and use innovative technologies with a wide range of information technology means using personality-oriented approach in education are created at the faculty. The system of education quality management is developed.

The faculty council realizes general management at the faculty. The basic subdivisions of the faculty are the deanery, academic departments and laboratories. Education at the faculty is carried out at more than 15 academic departments, where there are only high-qualified specialists, reliable and creative employees.

The Faculty has established good business relationship with the Department of Social Development of the Kirov region, the Department of Healthcare of the Kirov region, the Department of Enterprise and Trade Development of the Kirov region, with the department of the development of business and consumer market of Kirov Administration, Vyatka Chamber of Commerce, the territorial department of the Federal Service of Supervision for Consumer Rights Protection and human Welfare in Kirov region, administrations of municipal structures of Kirov and Kirov region, Russian AAU universities, with higher education institutions, trade and industry, health care and social services


Faculty of Social Work and Economics departments

  • Department of Humanities and Social Science
  • Department of Psychology and Pedagogic
  • Department of Nursery care
  • Department of Social Work
  • Department of Goods inspection and Management
  • Department of Physics and Health informatics

Merchandizing and goods inspection departments train specialists in the sphere of “Merchandizing and goods inspection”, course of training is “Merchandizing”;

Economics and management departments – in “Management” course of training;

Social work department – in specialty and course of training “Social work”

Psychology and pedagogic department – in “Clinical psychology” specialty

Nursing care department – in specialty and course of training “Nursery care”



Faculty of Social Work and Economics specialties:

  • 37.05.01 – «Clinical psychology», qualification (degree) “specialist”, specialty «Pathopsychological diagnostic and psychotherapy».
  • 38.03.07 – “Merchandizing and goods inspection” (in the sphere of manufacture and agricultural raw materials and food products circulation), qualification - «Goods manager».
  • 38.03.02– “Management”, qualification (degree) “Bachelor” training course “Organization management»
  • 39.03.02– “Social work”, qualification (degree) “Bachelor”
  • 34.03.01-  “Nursing care”, qualification (degree) “Bachelor”


Faculty of Social Work and Economics Deanery

Shmakova Ludmila Nikolaevna


Dean of the faculty of Social work and Economics, Head of the department of management, PhD, Assistant professor

Vidyakina Eugenia Vyacheslavovna
PhD, Assistant professor

Mikheeva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
Document manager