Medical requirements for applicants

Upon arrival to Kirov SMU all international students should submit the following medical documents:

  • Vaccination certificate with history of vaccinations against measles, rubella, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, tetanus, viral hepatitis type B. Please note that all the vaccinations should be done in accordance with WHO recommendations for routine immunization (

In case you don’t have this document you will have to undergo the vaccinations in Russia. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to do practice in the hospital;

  • Medical conclusions from GP, dermatologist, gynecologist/urologist and infectious diseases specialist;

  • Lung X-ray results;

  • Results of blood analysis for syphilis, Hepatitis B,C, HIV.



Due to COVID19 measures, upon arriving to Russia you must undergo the obligatory quarantine period for 2 weeks. The university has a special dormitory observation room, where you stay for 2 weeks, after which you take COVID19 test.