Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery

42 Vorovskogo st., Kirov, 610027, Regional clinical hospital, building 4
(8332) 67-92-37 - head of Department, Professor Baine
(8332) 67-35-90 - assistant of the Department

Baine Boris Nikolayevich

Head of the Department of neurology and neurosurgery,
Professor, Ph.D, M.D

Staff of the department

1. Kislitsyn Yuriy Vitalievich - Professor, Ph.D, M.D
2. Ponomareva Galina Leonidovna - associate Professor, Ph.D, M.D
3. Mukhacheva Marianne V. - associate Professor, Ph.D, M.D
4. Tatarenko Sergey Aleksandrovich - associate Professor, Ph.D, M.D

Medical work

The Department uses a high professional potential for medical advice in practical health care. In basic clinics, as well as in neurological hospitals medical rounds are regular. The teaching staff of the Department consults patients with complex diagnoses and assists in sanitary aviation. Annually scientific and practical conferences for practitioners are held in Kirov, cycles of improvement for neurologists and neurosurgeons that serves to enhance the quality of medical care.