Department of Hospital Surgery


Department of Hospital Surgery

Kirov, 42, Vorovskogo st., (KirovRegionalHospital)

(8332) 54-19-38, 23/04/37 (Head of the Department - V.A. Bakhtin)

25.07.67 (the first surgical department - Associate Professor VA Yanchenko)

67-35-81 (Department of Vascular Surgery - Associate Onuchin PG),



Bakhtin Vyacheslav Andreyevich

Head of the Department of Hospital Surgery, Ph.D., MD, Professor

  Бахтин Вячеслав Андреевич

Staff of the department

1. Vyacheslav Andreyevich Bakhtin - Head of Department, Ph.D., Professor

2. Vladimir Aleksandrovich Yanchenko - Associate Professor, Ph.D.

3. Valery Petrovich Malakhov - Associate Professor, Ph.D.

4. Zaharischeva Tatiana Petrovna - Associate Professor, Ph.D.

5. Onuchin Pavel Gennadievich - Associate Professor, Ph.D.

6. Arakelyan Sogomon Marklenovich - Assistant, Ph.D.

7. Kirov Michael Anatolievich - Assistant

8. Derbenyov Oleg Aleksandrovich - Assistant Professor, MD

9. Meteleva Galina Anatolievna - senior laboratory assistant

10. Janchenko Lubov Vladimirovna – Laboratory assistant

11. Chekashkina Irina Igorevna – Laboratory assistant

 Educational and methodical work of the department


In 1998 the department staff created a computer class (operator Yanchenko L.V.), where students, Postgraduate Education Institute students, medical residents and interns take multimedia training in various medical specialties, practitioners assign or confirm the qualification category.

Within the framework of the national project "Health" in conjunction with the Department of Hospital Therapy and PEI therapy tests are prepared and testing of primary care physicians is conducted.

Also the department has a screening room to watch training films and broadcast operations on cable television in training rooms.

The department trains surgeons in clinical internship. During its existence the department has trained more than 100 highly qualified surgeons successfully working in Kirov region and beyond.

The department works closely with institutions of practical public health. The staff of the department render consulting and emergency surgical care for health facilities in Kirov and Kirov region.