Department of Internal diseases

Chicherina Elena Nikolaevna - head of the department of Internal diseases, Ph.D, M.D., professor

Methodical work

Since 2010, due to the large number of students in the department the clinical site has increased. The main location of the department is the "Departmental hospital at the railway station Kirov" ,"Russian Railways", also training of students, clinical interns and medical residents were held in the City Clinical Hospital №7, implementation of dissertation research graduate students held at the clinic and Kirov SMA Regional clinical perinatal center.

All teachers of the department own several medical specialties, the relevant disciplines taught at the department. In "Therapy" specialty 1 person has the highest qualification category, the 1st - 3 people; in "Ultrasound diagnosis " one person has the highest qualification category; in "Cardiology" and "Endocrinology" 3 people qualification category have.