Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Kirov, 137 Karl Marx st., office. 308, 311

(8332) 04.06.67



Sakharova Lyudmila Gennadievna

Head of the Department of Social Sciences,

Ph.D., Associate Professor


Staff of the Department

Mikhailov Andrey Evgenievich. - PhD, associate professor.

Gaida Valeria Valentinovna - PhD, associate professor.

Evseenko Vladimir Iosifovich - candidate of historical sciences.

Stepanov Konstantin Sergeyevich - candidate of historical sciences.

Korotkov Nikolai Vladimirovich - Ph.D., associate professor.

Slotin Vladimir Evgenievich - candidate of historical sciences, teacher.

Karpova Eugenia Sergeyevna - lecturer.

Kononova Anna Alexandrovna - senior laboratory.

Slotina Nadezhda Nikolaevna – laboratory assistant


Educational and methodical work of the department

Staff of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences provides teaching 19 subjects on the basis of modern methodological approaches: philosophy, history of the Fatherland, political science, sociology, social ecology, bioethics, concepts of modern natural science, history, social work, culture, ethnography and social demographics, and others.

The department carries out a number of elective courses: Basics of multicultural communication, Sociology Medicine, Social demography and ethnography, History of Mercy and others.

The pulpit secured four classrooms, complete mounts and visual aids. There are educational and methodical studies, which show the staff of the Department developed work programs and guidelines for students in the humanities and social sciences.