Department of Biology

Kosikh Aleksandr Aleksandrovich - head of the department of Biology, Ph.D, M.D., professor

Educational and methodical work of the department

The staff of the Department of Biology of Kirov SMA developed training complex for the teaching of biology, including the work program of courses, training and education materials for students and teachers, lectures, presentations list of necessary basic and additional literature, a set of training and micro- and macropreparations, demonstration materials. The complex also includes a program of practical training in biology and medical genetics, computer diagnostic equipment, computer training videos, as well as routine testing of students' knowledge in all the main topics of the curriculum and the overall final tests, including, inter alia, issues the final state certification of graduates. Each session is conducted analysis of typical case studies in medical genetics and parasitology. All this allows to increase students' interest to the discipline, to better understand and grasp the characteristics of biological and genetic terminology, etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention of parasitic and hereditary diseases and genetic counseling of the population.