Science Media

The team of the student television of Kirov SMA took part in all-Russian media forum “Science Media” that took place in St. Petersburg on 27-29 November 2015.

The forum was held in ITMO University. 228 participants from all the corners of our country and from abroad gathered for the forum. The students of KSMA Gabdulkhakov Arthur, Lysova Dariya and Bobkov Valeriy took part in master-classes and lectures of professionals of journalism and PR, visited many informational agencies and media areas (offices of Yandex, Vkontakte, SPN Communications, Yota, film studio Lenfilm, animation studio Melnitsa and many others).

Participants of the forum shared their impressions:

Arthur Gabdulkhakov: It’s impossible to do without mistakes while conducting such events. But the organizers of the forum Science Media did everything for us to feel comfortable. I really liked the lectures connected with my field of work - video. My fellow participants helped me think of the new ideas that I will try to implement in our university.  

Dariya Lysova: I want to thank the university for the opportunity to take part in such a significant forum. Lectures, excursions, debates, pleasant atmosphere, interesting people. All speakers presented information in a very clear way. Science Media is a great experience, a whirlwind of emotions, new knowledge, and new acquaintances for me! I have never regretted coming there.

Valeriy Bobkov: The forum is a unique opportunity to communicate with people from other Russian regions and from foreign countries. The ideas and the ways of implementing them in real life turned out to be different in student mass media in St. Petersburg, Perm, Belgorod, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy that is why the experience we acquired from communication with the leaders of various companies is priceless. Science Media is the atmosphere of creativity and positive mood you want to come back to!