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Sheshunov Igor' Vjacheslavovich – rector of Kirov State Medical Academy, Honorary Figure of the Russian Federation Higher Education, doctor of medical science, professor .

Sheshunov I.V. is a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Chairman of the Vyatka regional branch of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Scientific interests – social medicine, organization of health care, public health and hygienic research.


Deputy chief editor

Mazina Nadezhda Konstantinovna - doctor of medical science, professor.


Executive editor

Petrov Sergey Borisovich (


Editorial team:

Beyn B.N., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Dvoryanskiy S.A., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Zhuravlev V.А., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Illek Ya.Yu., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Kislichko A.G., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Kudryavtsev V.А. , professor, KSMA (Russia)

Kukovyakin S.А. , professor, KSMA (Russia)

Muratova N.G., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Nemtsov B.F., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Nikitin N.А., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Nikolskiy V.Yu., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Petrov B.А., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Tsapok P.I. , professor, KSMA (Russia)


Editorial board:

Abdullin T.G., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Adaskevich V.P., professor, Vitebsk SMU (Belarus)

Andreychin M.A., professor, Ternopol SMU (Ukraine)

Bani D., professor, Florentine university (Italy)

Bondarenko А.L., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Zaitseva G.А., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Kolosov А.Е., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Koshkin S.V., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Maltsev A.Е., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Olisova V.A., professor, clinical dentistry center of FMBA, (Russia)

Pohodenko-Chudakova I.О. , professor, Belarusian SMU (Belarus)

Romagnoli P., professor, Florentine university (Italy)

 Ruzichka Т., professor, Munich university (Germany)

Solovyev O.V., professor, KSMA (Russia)

Uspensky A.V., professor, correspondent member of RAMS, Russian Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Parasitology of Animals and Plants (Russia)

Shadmanov А.К., professor, Andijan SMI (Uzbekistan).


Founder and publisher: Kirov State Medical Academy (Kirov, Russia)

Editorial office address: 610027, Kirov, 112, K. Marx street. Tel.: (8332) 37-45-80, 37-57-16, 32-24-49.

Fax: (8332) 64-07-34



«Medical newsletter of Vyatka» is addressed not only to professionals, but it will be interesting to young professionals who are just starting their way in practical or scientific medicine. In the journal a lot of space given to the training materials and reference, published lectures and theoretical surveys on topical issues of clinical medicine leading scientists of the Kirov state medical Academy and other universities of Russia. It deals with the new directions of development of medicine, effective methods of diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases in children and adults. In addition, the journal regularly publishes materials on the legal aspects of medical care, health organization, health psychology, sociology, hygiene, ethics, spirituality, and the history of medicine, the Volga-Vyatka region.

The issue was registered at RF Ministry of press, television, broadcasting and mass communication media. Certificate of registration PI №77-12440.

The journal is represented at the SCIENTIFIC ELECTRONIC LIBRARY (SEL) - main executor of creating Russian index of scientific quotation (RISQ) project and has an impact-factor of Russian index of scientific quotation (IF RISQ)




The procedure for submitting, reviewing, and publishing scientific articles in the journal "Medical newsletter of Vyatka»

a) The manuscript submitted to the journal must have a direction, the seal of the institution in which the work was performed (with the visa of the head or authorized person's expert conclusion on the possibility of publication). If the article is written the sole author and he is an applicant, student or employee with no degree, you need a visa from the supervisor or head of Department. All authors must sign a copy of the article, deciphering the name. Putting their signatures to the article, the authors convey the rights to publish the manuscript to the editor.

b) The materials accepted to consideration go for reviewing to members of an editorial board, or external reviewers for the purpose of their expert assessment. All reviewers are recognized specialists in subject of the reviewed materials and have within the last 3 years of the publication on subject of the reviewed article.

The final decision on the publication of article is made by an editorial board on the basis of opinion of reviewers, authors are informed on it in advance. Materials do not come back to authors.

c) Editorial office of the “Medical newsletter of Vyatka” journal sends to authors of the presented materials of the copy of reviews or motivated refusal, and can also present copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation at receipt in edition of the edition of the corresponding inquiry. Reviews are stored in publishing house and in edition of the edition within 5 years.