Faculty of Stomatology (Dentistry)

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Specialty:  060201 - Stomatology

Faculty information


The faculty of Stomatology of Kirov SMA was created by the Rector of the Academy prof. I.V. Sheshunov Ph.D., M.D. In April, 2009 the faculty got a license for higher education activites in “Stomatology” specialty. In September, 2009 the first group of students was accepted for a 5-year period of study. The dean of the faculty and its manager was appointed prof. V. Y. Nikolskii Ph.D., M.D.


Stomatology specialty contains following sub-specialties: propaedeutic, prophylactic, therapeutic, surgery and orthopedic stomatology. Besides, there are such stomatological disciplines as “Dental surgery”, “Pediatric dentistry” and “Orthodontia”.


Plan of annual acceptance at the faculty is 55 students. Higher stomatological education in Kirov SMA is available not only for high school graduates, but also for dentists and dental technicians in extramural form of education.


Despite being young, the Faculty of Stomatology and the Department of Stomatology of Kirov State Medical Academy has gained popularity among students. Apart from the city of Kirov and Kirov region, the students from other regions come to study there (Republic of Komi, Mari El and Udmurtiya; Perm, Yaroslavl, Vologda, Kostroma region), and from all over Russia (Moscow, Leningrad region, Stavropol region, Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia) and even from abroad (for example, Georgia and Sudan).


The history and the present of the Faculty of Stomatology and the Department of Stomatology and are closely linked . Studies in Stomatology begin from the 1st year and the initial part of the development of professional skills – a phantom course – is performed on models of jaws with teeth and on dental training systems with phantom heads. After 1.5 years of education, at the 4th semester, students under the supervision of teachers start attending dental patients. We managed to provide work environment for the reception of patients for each student. At the same time we established a system of providing sufficient quantity of patients for students.


To reach effective realization of educational and clinical activities our own stomatological base in the academy clinic was organized. Thereby, the Academy has modern dental installations, special equipment, tools and materials from leading manufacturers in Europe, USA and Japan. Besides, practical exercises with students are held in the best state and private clinics of the city.


We are proud of our system of practical training: on the basis of practical health care each student is provided with a workplace, tools, materials and patients. No wonder the students from abroad come to take practical training at our academy. We also offer our students an opportunity to take an internship training abroad: for example, in summer, 2012 from 18.2% to 22.2% of students took practical training abroad (Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Sudan, Abkhazia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia).


The best indicator of the quality of work is a number of achievements of our students both in national and international level. In September 2012, our 4th year student O.O. Gorchakov was recognized as the best student from Russia, who took international practical training by the National Union of Russian Medical Students and International Association of Dental Students. At the V National Stomatology Olympiad for Students with international participation, which was held on 4-8 December, 2012 in A.I. Evdokimov’s Moscow State Medical Stomatology University, the 4th year student A.K. Polovnikova completed the program and won the first prize in “Clinical problems solving” nomination.


Since 2012 we train dentists in the system of postgraduate education: internship training, postgraduate studentship and clinical residency training can be taken in Stomatology together with the courses of advanced professional training for dentists.


At the faculty we provide conditions for scientific capability development. At present 2 candidate and 7 doctoral dissertations are being prepared. Stomatology department staff at a regular basis take part in the most significant conferences and exhibitions in Russia and abroad. For example, in 2010 and 2011 the head of the Stomatology department V.Y. Nikolskii took part in international congresses, which were held in Glasgow (Great Britain) and Athens (Greece), where he represented his scientific projects, performed in Kirov SMA. Such travels provide the faculty with useful information and supporting data, which show modern achievements in Stomatology and the newest accomplishments of clinical practice. These materials are used in educational process by the students of the Faculty of Stomatology, especially during there scientific activities, which greatly contributes to the high level of future dentists’ education.


In 2012 the department of Stomatology organized and conducted a number of major practical scientific conferences in Kirov: "Actual issues of ambulatory dentistry". with the participation of the President of Dental Association of Russia Professor V. Wagner , "Modern technologies in surgical and prosthetic stomatology" with the participation of the main dentist of the Medical Center of Management of the President of the Russian Federation Professor FF Losev; XII National Congress and National Competition of Professional Skills in Practical Implantology with the participation of numerous major Russian scientists, such as the director of Central scientific research institute of stomatology and maxillo-facial surgery corresponding member of RAMS A.A. Kulakova. Interactive Interregional Conference " Key principles of safety in local anesthesia", held under the patronage of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry. Not only doctors took part in the conference, but our students too, which introduces the students into the sphere of advanced science and the relevant courses in practical science.


Since the opening of the faculty of Stomatology the Students Scientific Society (SSS) operates and involves more than half of enrolled students. The final conference is held annually for students and young scientists in Stomatology, where in the presence of all the students of dental faculty more than 20 reports and presentations take place. Our club members has successfully participated with their reports not only in the Kirov, but also in other cities of Russia and abroad. Thus, in May 2012, our 4th year students A.K. Polovnikova and M.A. Baydarova made brilliant presentations in English at the International Students Conference in Bratislava (Slovakia), and in September 2012+ at the All-Russian competition of scientific reports of students and young doctors, first held in Moscow by the Russian Dental Association, our 4th year student Y.V. Zanegina was awarded the first prize!


The faculty staff organized full-fledged educational work at extracurricular time. The most memorable events were beauty contests "Miss Kirov SMA", the pancake contest, dedicated to Maslenitsa, the academy sport championship (in swimming, volleyball, athletics, chess and skiing) - in each of the activities dental students proved their high level and took the first places! For the development of creative abilities of students the faculty organized contests "The best tooth of the year" and "My view of aesthetics in dentistry."