Faculty of Pediatrics

610027, Kirov, 112, Karl Marx st., room 126

Tel.: 007 (8332) 37-47-00 (Faculty of Pediatrics deanery)

Tel.: 007 (8332) 64-07-34 (Document and Legal Support Department)

ped_fak@kirovgma.ru (Faculty of Pediatrics deanery)


Specialty: 060103 - Pediatrics

Specialty: 060601 – Medical biochemistry

Faculty information

Faculty of Pediatrics of Kirov SMA was created in 1987. The first dean of the faculty was the head of the department of biology with the course of Histology prof. A.V. Molodiuk, Ph.D., M.D.

From 1988 to 1990 the dean of the faculty of Pediatrics was Dr. A.V. Kurbatova Ph.D., M.D.

From 1990 till present the dean of the faculty of Pediatrics is the head of the department of Propaedeutics of Childhood Diseases Prof. V.A. Belyakov, PhD, MD.

During the existence of the faculty several people were deputy deans of the faculty: I.V. Popova, S.A. Kukovyakin, A.V. Kashin, E.N. Kasatkin, O.A. Maltseva. From 2009 till present the deputy dean of the faculty is the assistant professor of the department of Propaedeutics of Childhood Diseases A.N. Tokarev, PhD, MD.

For many years the functions of deanery inspector were discharged by L.N. Filippova. At present A.A. Korepanova is the faculty of pediatrics record manager

Pediatric faculty departments

  • Lifesafety and emergency medicinede partment
  • Biology Department
  • Internal diseases department
  • Hematology department
  • Pediatric surgery department
  • Foreign languages department
  • Microbiology and virology department
  • Neurology and Neurosurgery department
  • Human physiology department
  • Propaedeutics of childhood diseases department
  • Pediatric department
  • Intermediate level surgery department
  • Phthisiology department
  • Chemistry department