Pre-University Education Center

610027, Kirov, 112, Karl Marx st., office 117

Phone: 007 (8332) 37-48-33


Head of Pre-University Education Center: Zotina Oksana Vladimirovna

Education and methodic work specialist: Yakimova Anastasia Vasilyevna, Chuchkalova Alexandra Vladimirovna


Pre-University Education Center of Kirov SMU provides students with 1-year preparatory course of 1 1170, 4 academic hours. It includes:

1). 612 academic hours of Russian language;

2). 132 academic hours of biology;

3). 132 academic hours of chemistry;

4). 132 academic hours of physics;

5). 40 academic hours of summer school;

6). 52, 4 academic hours of tutorials;

7). 70 academic hours of tests.


Tuition fee: ~ 94 000 rubles for a 1-year course

Education terms: September 1 – August 31



All the students are provided with accommodation in a comfortable students’ hostel in the center of the city.


For admission at Pre-University Education Center of Kirov SMU all the applicants should send to the e-mail: the following documents:


1) Scanned copy of passport (should be valid at least 2 more years)


2) Scanned copy of a diploma or another document of education




The price of medical insurance - 3 200 rubles per year.


The price of accommodation at a hostel – 1 500 rubles per month.