Administration of the University

Железнов Л.В.


Zheleznov Lev Mikhailovich

Acting Rector of the Kirov State Medical University 
Professor, Ph.D., M.D., Honorary figure of Russian higher Education
Tel.: 007 (8332) 64-09-76


Касаткин Евгений Николаевич

Kasatkin Evgenii Nikolaevich

Acting Vice-rector for Studies, Professor, Ph.D., M.D.
Tel.: 007 (8332) 38-53-66

Basic areas of activity:

  • Educational process management
  • Methodic work management
  • Study process preparation management
  • Educational process quality management
  • Academic staff advanced training management
  • Licensing, attestation and accreditation management


Razin Maksim Petrovich

Acting Vice-rector for scientific and innovative work, Professor, Ph.D., M.D.

Tel. 007 (8332) 32-24-49

Basic areas of activity:

  • Planning and management of research papers performance
  • Academic staff, postgraduates and students scientific activity management
  • Innovative activity management
  • Research work preparation management
  • Research publications management


Ashikhmin Sergey Petrovich

Acting Vice-rector for clinical work and postgraduate education, Ph.D., M.D.

Tel. 007(8332) 64-07-10

Basic areas of activity:

  • Clinical activity coordination and  management
  • Strategy, goals and objectives of medical activities of the University management
  • Coordination and control of the activities of the University Accreditation Center



Likhachev Yury Sergeevich

Likhachev Yury Sergeevich

Acting Vice-rector for administrative and economic work

Tel.: 007 (8332) 37-49-55

Basic areas of activity:

  • Logistics management
  • Health and safety management
  • Management of capital construction and repair and construction works
  • Transport management
  • Service house management